Federal Grants For Single Moms – Obama’s Educational Assistance For Mothers

The Obama administration is helping single mothers with his federal grants for single moms, which aim to financially support those who deserve to go back to school and earn their degree.

Some mothers were forced to leave their education because of the demands of motherhood. Many others couldn’t continue their schooling because of the high expenses education demands together with raising a family. The opportunity to earn a degree wasn’t there for mothers to take…until now.

A single mother, through these federal grants can acquire money from the central government for her education. The financial aid will take care of all the school expenses, such as tuition fees, books, and other related expenses.

The federal grants for single moms are means to continue with their dreams of an education, better job, stable career, and of course, a promising future for the children. With a degree, there are more chances of landing a high-paying job, which will be a driving force for ensuring that kids get the best education and for securing their future. Any parent would want that for their children.

If you’re a single mom, grab this opportunity now! Application is easy. Simply go online, visit the government website to know more, research programs that suit your interests and skills best, and fill out the application form. Gather information on the required documents and make sure you submit ALL the necessary forms and documents.

This is your chance to improve your life. Without worrying of funds, you can finish your studies. The federal grants for single moms are waiting for you.

Math Tutor – Providing Customized, One-On-One Educational Assistance

We all live in a busy day in age where soccer moms, coach dads, and athletic sons and daughters are busy from sun up until sun down. With all the schoolwork to be done and after school activities, the grades of the teens and tweens can sometimes slip. If you are looking for an effective way to help your child with their academics, you can hire a tutor to come to you home and provide academic assistance to your child. You can call and schedule a free and quick consultation where a skilled and experienced educator will evaluate your child’s learning needs and potential, then tailor a unique lesson program geared to fit your student’s needs. The tutor will even take into account you child’s current school curriculum.

Professional tutor services through a reputable tutor agency can address the specific education needs of your student through a one-on-one tutoring session in your home at a time that is convenient for you. The bonus of this type of tutoring program is that you get to save on gas money from not having to transport your child to a session that is away from home. These tutors can be well versed in any grade level from k-5-college and in all subjects to include language, science, math, and even general study skills. Say for instance, you child has been struggling in their mathematical skills; an expert math tutor can come to your home and assist your child in a mathematical level that is appropriate for them. You student can be taught to master a particular subject they are struggling in and gain the confidence they need to excel.

Experienced tutor services can provide this type of in-home professional tutor services, which is committed to matching a student to a tutor who can provide for a child’s individual needs and personality. They are also experienced to address a wide range of needs a students might have to include a student working on their MS degree who needs assistance with exams or papers, a child needing a math tutor, or a person who wants to learn a music instrument and needs a teacher.

If you are a parent that has tried other solutions to help your child with their studies, or is frustrated and unsure of where to start in helping your child to improve in a certain area, you may benefit from professional tutoring services. You could visit their website or stop by their tutoring center to see how they could benefit you and your child.

The Art Institutes Offers Educational Assistance For International Students

The Art Institutes (often commercially abbreviated and stylized as AI) is a collection of private, for-profit educational institutions for career preparation in the visual, creative, and applied arts, including design, media, fashion, and culinary programs. Nowadays there are forty five Art Institutes located in major cities across North America, and have over 125,000 graduates. The Art Institute Online, a division of The Art Institute of Pittsburgh, also has online courses available. The AI awards master’s degrees, bachelor’s degrees, associate’s degrees, and non-degree-program certificates. AI is headquartered in Pittsburgh, and is a division of Education Management Corporation (EDMC). Educational accreditation of The Art Institutes and their programs varies among campuses and programs.

At the present day the Institutes announced that they will help to both, the domestic students and the international students from the universities in New Orleans, southern Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama universities. These universities were closed on the indefinite term after the damaging cause of the Hurricane Katrina. All the students appeared without homes and educational establishments. And the Institutes decided to take care of those students and take them to continue their studying.

All the AI will provide for the international students both on-campus and online courses. This will give to students the opportunity to continue their academic studies, even at the distance. They can succeed in their academic careers during this semester of disruption. Students who were to finish their study because of the Hurricane Katrina can be registered at any of the Art Institutes. There are thirty one locations in the country where students can enter. The international students can be enrolled for courses on a space-available basis for the fall semester.

This terrible event took place in 2005. That was the beginning of the semester, thus students have paid their tuition. That is why the Institutes will waive tuition for those students who have already registered and paid their tuition at their home institutions for the fall semester. But in the case if they have not yet paid their tuition at their home institution, they will be given the lesser of the current published tuition and fees at the home institution. The school president mentioned that the AI have already published tuition and fees for the fall semester.

The president of the Art Institutes Dave Pauldine said that they would try to assist the poor students whose lives and education have been impacted by the Hurricane Katrina. He also said that the AI were the only way for students to continue their studies and to improve their skills. These institutes offered that initiative as the way to reach out to the students in the Gulf Coast region whose lives were endangered by the Hurricane Katrina in the 2005.

The Institutes is a group of thirty one (that was the number of institutes in 2005) higher educational establishments which are located throughout North America. They offer a wide range of educational programs among which are audio production, culinary arts, culinary management, fashion design, fashion marketing, graphic design, industrial design technology, interior design, media arts & animation, multimedia & Web design, photography, restaurant management and video production. These are not the all programs which are offered, they are more numerous in number. The Institution offer a lot of programs which are not available in others higher educational establishments.

The AI operate in different towns and cities all over the North America. There are representatives of the Art Institutes in Atlanta, Arlington, VA (as The Art Institute of Washington), Boston (as The New England Institute of Art), Charlotte, Chicago and Schaumburg, IL, Cincinnati (as The Art Institute of Ohio – Cincinnati), Dallas, Denver, Fort Lauderdale, Houston, Las Vegas, Los Angeles (as The Art Institute of California – Los Angeles and California Design College), Miami (as Miami International University of Art & Design), Minneapolis, New York, Orange County, CA, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Pittsburgh, Portland, San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle, Tampa, Toronto, Vancouver (as The Art Institute of Vancouver, York, PA (as Bradley Academy of the Visual Arts) and The Art Institute Online, a division of The Art Institute of Pittsburgh.

The Art Institute of Pittsburgh – Online Division, is a part of The AI system of schools with more than 40 locations throughout North America. The Institute of Pittsburgh – Online Division was launched in 2000.Founded in 1921, The Institute of Pittsburgh supports online programs with more than 85 years of excellence. With 16 academic programs, The Art Institute of Pittsburgh – Online Division is the leader in online creative arts education. The Institute of Pittsburgh is accredited by the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools (ACICS). The AI of Pittsburgh is authorized by the Pennsylvania Department of Education to award Bachelor of Science and Associate of Science degrees. It provides courses that are designed using the same curriculum taught at The Institute of Pittsburgh. The big advantage is you can attend class fully online and at anytime to fit your busy schedule. At The Institute of Pittsburgh – Online Division, you’re in control. At graduation you will receive a degree or diploma awarded from The Institute of Pittsburgh. You will be invited to attend your graduation ceremony in Pennsylvania where you can walk with your cap and gown. You can also participate in our portfolio review show, where you can present your work to potential employers.

From this article you received the information about the creativity and a good organization of the Institutes, which agreed to help those poor students who were endangered by the Hurricane Katrina. They have lost their homes and the places of education, but the Art Institutes gave them the opportunity to continue their education and received the ability to study. These institutes gave those students the ability to build their careers and to make them successful. These institutes made the act of kindness when they present them one more chance to make a successful life and career.

Tuition Assistance – Reimbursement Or Pre-Pay?

Many large and mid-sized companies offer educational assistance to their employees. This is considered a benefit, and it is unusual for a company to cut this benefit. However, some companies have put a hold on new education applications for a quarter or two and a few companies are lowering the maximum dollar amount per year. These changes reflect the slow economic conditions of this year.

With educational assistance benefits staying in place, but with fewer training personnel to monitor the benefit, it makes sense to outsource educational assistance to a Tuition Assistance Administrator. These Administrators provide intuitive software with fewer customer service problems and reports on spend are available 24/7. Several Administrators provide Managed Education benefits of college discounts and academic advising to save costs.

Most educational assistance programs are reimbursement to the employees, but some programs are pre-pay. Pre-pay usually means that the employees get approval from their manager for the courses they want to take and are granted a credit card with the amount of these courses (plus fees, if approved by the company). There are advantages of both reimbursement and pre-pay programs:

Advantages of Reimbursement of Educational Expenses:
1) This is the more traditional approach to educational assistance, with over 80% of companies opting for reimbursement.
2) Employees send in grades without being prompted because they want the reimbursement dollars back.
3) Employees become co-owners of their education because they have put out their own money to start taking classes.

Advantages of Pre-Pay for Educational Expenses:
1) This option benefits lower-salaried employees who might not be able to put hundreds of dollars upfront for their classes
2) All employees benefit by not maxing out their own credit cards or trying to get an education loan to go back to school.
3) Companies can get rebates of 1 – 2% on their credit cards purchases.

Outsourcing tuition assistance is a way to save money on this valuable benefit, as well as save time for your HR/Training Staff. Today, both reimbursement and pre-pay options are available.

Grants For College Students – Free Educational Assistance For College Students

Going through college can be difficult– not just academically, but also financially. Paying for college could mean working while at the same time attending school or taking out loans. If you are a student who is struggling to pay for your college education, you can’t help but ask, “Are there other ways for me to attend college without having to worry about paying anything?”

Fortunately, there is a way which helps students avail of their college education for free. If you are persistent to continue your college education, you can apply for grants for college students.

A grant is a form of financial assistance provided by the government and by various institutions. When you qualify for a grant, your tuition for a year or for a semester in college is all taken care of and you need not worry about paying for the costs incurred at the end of the year. Simply put, grants are like scholarship awards; however, you need not worry about maintaining your grades at a certain level. Grants are provided to students from all educational levels; however, in your case, you will have to apply for grants for college students.

In order to qualify for a grant from the government, you will have to submit a few documents that prove you are earning less than usual or you are incapable of maintaining your college education. Your sponsors judge whether or not your are qualified for a grant by analyzing your need. On the other hand, most scholarship programs are dependent on your academic standing. If you are unable to meet a certain grade limit after one school year or a semester, you could lose the scholarship and you might have to apply for it again. That is more complicated than applying for a grant – when you qualify for a grant, you no longer have to re-apply for it until your grant expires within a period of time.

Although grants seem to be very helpful, they too have their limitations. For one, most grants cannot assist you with your educational necessities. For example, if you need to pay for an extra-curricular activity in school, the payment will have to come from your own pocket. Grants also keep a budget limit. Compared to scholarship awards which can go as high as $30, 000 per school year, grants can only go as high as $5, 000 or $8, 000. Hence, you need to know how to budget your grant award wisely.

Writing a Tuition Assistance Plan? Five Tips For Success

You may be asked to write a new tuition assistance program for your company or modify one already in existence. If so, here are 5 tips to consider:

1) Approve Schools that are Regionally Accredited. Regional accreditation is the standard for most companies’ tuition assistance programs. Although there are schools listed in the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA) listings, you do no favors for your employees by reimbursing so-called “nationally accredited” schools and DETC (Distance Education Training Council) schools. Employees going to these non-regionally accredited colleges have a difficult time transferring credits and rarely can be admitted to their local state university for a graduate degree.

2) Decide if your Tuition Reimbursement Program might become a Pre-Pay Education Program. Lower paid employees may not be able to secure a loan for college tuition and wait until they are reimbursed by the company. They may not be able to put the tuition cost on a credit card or get financial aid. However, most companies favor reimbursement over pre-pay because of the idea of “shared expense” between the employee and the company. Companies also fear an abuse of corporate credits cards. The outsourced Tuition Assistance Administration Companies (EdAssist, General Physics, Edcor) have modified their technology and trained their administrators to cut down fraud and abuse of pre-pay tuition assistance.

3) Pay for any School Option that Saves Time for Employees Getting Their Degree. These options might be testing out of classes (CLEP, DANTES, Excelsior College Exams) and life/work experience options. In the long run these options save tuition dollars because employees can eliminate college classes and cost of these classes.

4) Pay for Online Classes, as well as On-Campus Classes. Online classes, certificates and degree are mainstream formats these days and are a popular way to gain education for working professionals. As long as the college is regionally accredited, it should not matter if the format is online, on-campus or hybrid (combination).

5) Contract with an Educational Counseling group to help your Employees select the Best College for their Goals, Background and Skills. Educational Counseling firms (EduPlan, College Coach, Encompass Education) can show 20% savings off a degree plan and time savings for you employees. Employees are also more likely to finish their degrees if they have had counseling, and that is the main purpose of your educational assistance program.

Single Mothers Centerpiece of New Federal Education Assistance Program

President Obama has made single mothers a centerpiece of his new federal assistance program for education. The President feels that by helping single mothers to get better education and higher-paying jobs, he can help improve the overall economy. By focusing on them, President Obama is giving a chance to single mothers that will improve their education, incomes and lives, all through government-subsidized education.

A main component of President Obama’s plan has been the increase of funds available through Pell Grants, a move he took almost immediately upon taking office. This money is available for education as a grant, meaning it will never have to be paid back, unlike a student loan. It is restricted not only to tuition and books, but also helps to cover other costs that may be related to education, such as childcare and transportation costs.

Even better, online study is also covered by the grants. This means that single moms can stay at home and oversee their children’s care while, at the same time, they can take an online study program and work towards a college degree. Not only does this make it easier to watch the children – it also provides flexibility in the scheduling of one’s studies during the day and does not tie you to physically having to be at college at a certain time on certain days.

President Obama has effectively taken away any excuse for single mothers not to seek higher education. Why not give it a try?

The program is designed to aid lower-income single mothers.

If you think the program might apply to you, by all means pursue finding out. There is no risk in doing so. Before being sure that you qualify, you do not have to make any commitments or change any present situations, such as leaving the job you presently hold. That is not at risk. If you do qualify, however, in the future you may find yourself leaving your present position to take on a higher-paying and more secure position.

You can receive a $10.000 scholarship just for registering. It can be done free and online, so do it now !